Diorama: Central Control In progress

The Central Control system co-ordinates the other parts of the diorama's electronic system.


  1. Interpret and implement commands from the infra-red controller.
  2. Control and co-ordinate the model lighting, mechanical features and ambient lighting sub-system.
  3. Manage any programmed sequence of events on the diorama.
  4. Manage communication between the diorama’s different microcontrollers.


Progress to date is limited to beginning work on requirement #4, managing communication between microcontrolers. So far experiments have been conducted into the best method of enabling the infra-red command microcontroller to communicate with the central microcontroller.

Two experiments have been carried out to investigate the suitability of serial communication and the use of the I²C protocol. They are:

  1. Experiment #4: Inter-Microcontroller Serial Communication
  2. Experiment #5: Inter-Microcontroller I²C Communication

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