Breathing LEDs Kit

This kit is quite simple. When built it simply pulses 4 blue LEDs at a speed determined by a trim pot. Once again u=it was purchased from AliExprress. The following advert shows the content of the kit. The chip is an LM358 dual op-amp:

Breathing LEDs kit - advert

The kit was easy to construct and worked first time. Here's the completed kit:

Breathing LEDs kit - front

Breathing LEDs kit - rear

I quite like this kit. I might use it at some point as a decoration. The only slight problem is that a 12V feed is required and I only have one suitable power supply.

Here's a video showing the completed kit working and the pulse speed being adjusted. Be wanred that the LEDs were so bright that the auto-exposure of the phone used for the filming couldn't cope:

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