Fireworks LEDs Kit

This kit comprises an asterisk shaped "star" of LEDs that light in sequence, supposedly giving an impression of a fireworks display. The speed of the sequence can be adjusted. As usual the kit came from AliExpress:

Fireworks LED kit - advert

There were a lot of parts on this kit, most of them being red and yellow LEDs:

Fireworks LED kit - parts

A lot of care was taken with this kit in ensuring all the LEDs were wired in with the correct polarity. A lot of checks were made with a multimeter to ensure that the LEDs all worked and that the solder joints were good. Even after all the checking there was just one LED that wouldn't light. A hour or so rechecking all the soldering and polarities led me to the conclusion that there was a broken track in the PCB. After a bit of track tracing I found the culprit and soldered a wire in place to circumvent the track. And voilĂ , everything worked. The following photos show the kit after fixing the fault:

Fireworks LED kit - front

Fireworks LED kit - rear

I actually quite like the appearance of this one - I'll possible use it at Christmas. Here's a video showing the finished thing, with me adjusting the speed:

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