Sound Activated LED Kit

Having made a complete mess of my first attempt at this kit, I bought another, determined to get it right this time. The kit has a microphone that causes a CD4017 decade counter to advance each time sound is detected. The decade counter then selects a LED to illuminate.

Here's how the kit is presented in the advert on AliExpress:

Sound activated LED kit - advert

The contents of the kit are revealed in this other photo taken from the AliExpress page:

Sound activated LED kit - contents

This time the kit went together without any problems. The only change that was made to was add a couple of right angled connectors to enable power to be connected easily. The following photo shows the completed kit, front and rear:

Sound activated LED kit - completed

And finally, here's a video of the finished product rersponding to the sound of a tambourine being hit:

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